Extravagant Short Necklace

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This dramatic necklace really can transform any ordinary outfit to something unusual. It comfortably sits on the collarbone and gives nice finished look to any simple outfit.

This striking piece of statement jewelry is featuring different chunky pendants, each of them is natural material-
1.natural Baltic amber stone, which improves metabolism and has healing properties,
2.Septarian stone brings confidence,
3.Petrified Wood is said to be a powerful stone to remove obstacles,
4.Amethyst crystal is a calming and meditative stone that promotes peace, calm, and balance.
5. Woolly Mammoth tusk piece- rare and extravagant- they lived on the planet from 1,6 million to 10 000 years ago!
The closure is magnetic, made of Stainless Steel which is hypoallergenic, non-tarnish and rust resistant material.
The stones are tens of millions years old and may improve the wellness of the wearer.
This statement piece is a really impressive necklace , chunky and bold but pleasure to wear.
The large amber stone is solid chunky piece of natural Baltic amber and is about 1.5 x 1 inch big /3,5 x 3 cm/.