Simple blue necklace, asymmetrical fun necklace

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Very soft and light weight blue necklace is featuring two double sided high quality natural leather disks on the thick soft rubber cord. We use only scrap pieces of natural leather to cut the disks.
 It is easy to wear this simple necklace with so many things- put it on with white blouse or black t-shirt, wear it in office or to dinner party- you will be noticed and this eccentric necklace will be remembered!
This geometric necklace has strong stainless steel magnetic clasp This material is non-tarnish, non-rust and hypoallergenic.

The rubber cord is soft, flexible, does not have any odor. Total length is about 18 inches.

Sizes- large disk- about 2 3/4 inch /4 cm /, small disk 1 1/4 inch /4 cm/. This elegant necklace is light weight and comfortable to wear. Disks colors- blue and turquoise., the back is black. Wear it on the black size either!