Adjustable long necklace with geometric chunky pendant

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Handmade product- Simple elegant adjustable black necklace made of Water Buffalo horn. Buffalo horn comes from natural sources and is a sustainable, farmed product. It is completely hypoallergenic, non-toxic to make, biodegradable and lighter than plastic.
Buffalos are common cattle  in rural areas of Asia, valued for the ability to work on muddy rice fields, where machines can not be used. Their horns are harvested when the animal dies naturally after a long life as a working member of farmers' families.
Re-using buffalo horns and bones for practical and beautiful objects help reducing of the waste on the planet.
The elegant horn disk is has unusual eye-catching texture with beautiful contrasts between highly polished and unpolished matte areas. The unique finish and bold size /9cm- over 3'!/ make this statement necklace a real conversation piece. The attractive finish is achieved by painstaking hand polishing of the raw horn.
Each disk has its own pattern, created by the nature and has quite substantial thickness, creating the long flattering "V" on the body. Because of the required special thickness of the pendant we are able to create only few of them
The cord is natural black stitched leather with simple knot at the back. It is adjustable necklace, you can wear it short or long.