Unusual short necklace with five stone pendants

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Unique statement necklace.

This different necklace is featuring five massive pendants on baby soft natural leather. These pendants are:
1.natural Baltic amber stone, which improves metabolism and has healing properties,
2.Septarian stone brings confidence,
3.Raw Citrine stone which is said to attract wealth
4.Quartz crystal is a powerful meditative stone for healing and  mind concentration
5. Prehistoric Megalodon Shark's Tooth /Megalodons were enormous sharks that lived 25 millions years ago. Feeding on whales, the Megalodon was the most fearsome and voracious predator ever to have lived on Earth./
The stones are tens of millions years old and may improve the wellness of the wearer.
This statement piece is a really impressive necklace , chunky and bold but pleasure to wear.
Eye-catching jewelry Piece! A lot of planet's history to wear around your neck!
This dramatic necklace comfortably sits on the collarbone and has strong simple stainless steel magnetic clasp. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, non-tarnish and rust resistant material.